Ten Characteristics Of Successful Relationships

5As a couple’s therapist, I’ve seen many relationships styles. Individuals who can be found in for counseling are definitely looking to change something they see problematic within their partnership. The down sides range from the relatively benign tweaks in communication to serious pain and trust violations from infidelity and all sorts of issues within. Filtering through all of these issues, I’ve identified ten characteristics of successful relationships. These qualities are integral aspects of a more healthy relationship foundation and i truly believe raise the chances of weathering the storms that life inevitably dishes out.
The ten characteristics include and are generally in no particular order:
1) Friendship:
Couples who’ve a strong friendship have persistence. They just not only love one other but genuinely like one another as people. They enjoy hanging out together. Some may even consider one another theirgood friend.”
2) Humor:
Partners who is going to make one another laugh tend to be skilled at de-escalating conflicts when they do arise. This is the great mood lightener. I’ve noticed using funny nicknames can be an indication of of great fondness for the other person. The names often originate from ayou had to be theremoment for you of their relationship.
3) Communication:
As obvious because this could seem, many couples aren’t really good with it. Those men and women who are ready to openly express their feelings with in emotionally safe environment typically cope with situations as they come up and prevent burying frustrations which tend to have a solution to being released at some point.
4) Chore Sharing:
Those that divvy up the household or parenting responsibilities in a way that is mutually agreed upon way are not as likely to contain resentments precisely what they perceive asunfair.” Each participates (albeit maybe begrudgingly) and both add to the union using this approach.
5) Sexual Intimacy:
Couples who have their sexual needs met or at least have negotiated an acceptable compromise if their methods of need aren’t compatible, feel dealt with from the other. Some are highly active, taking part in lovemaking several times every week as well as others are at ease with far less. There’s norightorwrongamount. However, often times a negotiation is required to make certain no person feels neglected through other.
6) Affection:
Partners who holiday physical contact not directly in the day have looked like he was the happiest ones. These moments do not need to necessarily result in sexual intimacy but just are rather easy tips to say, “I love you,” with no words. These moments can possibly be invaluable, especially recently when everyone seems to be racing around in order to getsomewhere.” Such as a hug, kiss, swat upon the rear, tussle considering the hair or possibly a take a seat on the lap, these acts of affection keep couples connected when life gets crazy.
7) NoHorsemen considering the Apocalypse:”
This is usually a term coined using a famous couples researcher named John Gottman  who claims to be able to predict divorce with incredible accuracy. Hisfour horsemen of the apocalypseare criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. His research has revealed that couples who demonstrate a top degree these in their relationships can be found in big trouble.
8) Mutual and Separate Friends:
Partners who socialize with other couples and likewise maintain separate friendships have greater balance with regard to honoring themselves alone, within the relationship. This leads to more personal enjoyment which translates to relationship satisfaction.
9) Reliability:
A great deal of us want follow-through with our friendships and our partners. If couples do whatever they say and say the job, they create an atmosphere of comfort in knowing their words mean something into the other.
10) Relationship Vision:
It’s interesting the volume of couples I’ve seen who don’t apparently have the massive image their relationship on your mind. Where can they see themselves in ten year? What are their relationship goals? Couples who have created a relationship vision on their own know where they’re going as they’ve planned it together. They get joy out of reaching for their goals as a team and are generally more unlikely to become derailed by surprises to a different.

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