Couple Necklace

His & Hers Matching Set Titanium Couple Heart Beat Pendant Necklace with a Gift Box & a Nice Gift (A Set)


Titanium is basically a white metal. Titanium is very reactive and due to this, it is often employed for alloying and deoxidizing of other metals. As compared to silicon or manganese, Titanium is a more powerful deoxidizer of steel. Compared to steel, Titanium is 40% lighter and 60% heavier than aluminum. This perfect combination of high strength alog with low ...

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His & Hers Matching Set Titanium Stainless Steel Couple “Heart Beat Chart” Pendant Necklace in a Gift Box


Due to its strength and versatility, Titanium Stainless Steel (a kind of the highest grade stainless steel) has been increasingly used in a variety of jewelry styles. The anodizing process used to create Titanium Stainless Steel jewelry allows it to be available in a wide variety of colors. Titanium is one of the most expensive modern-metal types due to the ...

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Bestjybt® 2pcs Mens & Womens Couples Stainless Steel Puzzle Pendant Love Necklace Set


Features: An ideal gift for you and your friends. The value is not expensive but fashion. The fashion jewelry looks like fine they are very popular in the contemporary.However,the jewelry will not maintain longer than the fine jewelry in your daily wearing. Why choose Stainless Steel Jewelry? Stainless Steel jewelry does not tarnish and oxidize, which can last longer ...

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